Me in Reading cropped      Listening is the heart and soul of my work

As The Listener, my gift is my innate ability to deeply listen to you.

My primary contribution as The Listener, covers three areas, Survive, Dive and Thrive.  Survive, through creating a safe, trusting space for us to meet, and by giving you my full attention, eye contact and not interrupting, offers you the opportunity to share whatever is present for you at that time, which could be your concerns, feelings, ideas, challenges, etc.  Dive, by my listening and attention enables you to access your deepest, more creative, original thinking and to continue to stay in flow with that thinking.  Finally, Thrive, enables you to learn how to be more present and to listen more deeply and fully with your colleagues, friends and loved ones, especially your children, and to make a real difference to both yours and their lives.

Secondary, through my varied background, view of the world, and my inquisitive and curious mind, I am able to share unusual, thought provoking, disruptive, yet grounded, observations and alternative approaches to business, people, systems and change.

Thirdly, to take thinking and ideas further and to make things happen, I am able to introduce my trusted network of entrepreneurs, consultants, thought leaders, free thinkers, coaches and change makers.

“Colin has a unique combination of skills. His business skills complement his softer skills of empathy, guidance and listening. Having spent the afternoon with Colin, I left our meeting feeling that I had been gently nudged towards a meaningful shift, in both my business and personal life. His leadership skills are clearly evident and as a man of deep integrity I trust his interest and support as both authentic at the same time as being highly motivational. I believe Colin would add intrinsic and tangible value to both individuals and groups.”  Wendy Addison – Creator and Owner at SpeakOut-SpeakUp