Positive Deviants

Are you losing revenue, competitive advantage or shareholder value, because your business is not being run as well as you know it could?

Do you feel that your people are these days more fear driven and self-serving as well as being less engaged, open or creative than ever before,?

Are you struggling to get your ‘arms’ around a problem, unable to even identify the problem itself?

Do you feel frustrated and helpless knowing that your critical business challenges are unsolvable using current thinking?

You are not alone.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, where the old rules of business are being uprooted every day, most leaders are facing similar challenges.

But what is the solution?

Since forming Dexterity Solutions, I have become increasingly aware of and drawn towards a community of individuals who think and behave differently, yet effect far reaching transformational change.

These individuals ask unusual questions, offer uncommon insights, and regularly challenge current business thinking and practices.

They are at their best when thinking ‘outside the box’, solving intractable problems, and handling chaotic situations, and are at their most comfortable being uncomfortable.

They absolutely know that things have to be done differently, for example, the operation of a business, our economic model, the NHS, our environment and so on, and they get frustrated because they see the possibilities so clearly and know that it is not happening.

They are often marginalised because they are not like everyone else and find it difficult to just ‘fit in’, yet they have a personal mission which is always for something greater than themselves.

These individuals are better known as Positive Deviants.

Positive Deviants can be described as having intentional, honourable behaviours which are significantly different from the norms of the group.  Their work has profound effects on the individuals and organisations who participate and benefit from such activities.

In today’s complex and ever changing world, these people could be your most important asset or addition, if only you could identify them, find them and really make use of their capabilities.


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