The Listener – Services

How The Listener can help


The role of The Listener is to listen and give the individual their full attention, thereby enable them to express their thoughts, concerns and ideas with thoughtful, insightful and positive challenging in a safe environment.

The Listener enables the individual to solve their own challenges through increasing awareness and trust in their own thinking and understanding.  This approach has the added benefit of improving personal responsibility and accountability for their solutions.

Typical participant

  • ‘High flyer’ – confident and wants to succeed but needs to slow down to reflect on their career learnings and fully explore new opportunities.
  • Newly appointed manager – technically good but uncertain about how to manage others.  Wishes to talk through their new role and management scenarios.
  • ‘Problem child’ – talented individual with huge potential, but disruptive and finds it hard to be understood.  Often called a maverick.  Needs to develop the skills to function effectively within the organisation whilst retaining their creative mind-set.
  • Senior Executives – in a position with little or no peer support and feels pressure from their team and key stakeholders.  Looking for a safe environment to do ‘blue sky’ thinking and be challenged without hidden agendas.
  • Junior Managers and Team Leaders – relatively inexperienced in their role and in need of an experienced ‘mentor’ who can listen without judgement and provide practical guidance.

Typical benefits through feeling heard

  • Improved independent thinking.
  • More open, involved and engaged.
  • Increased clarity and trust in their own thinking.
  • Less stressed and pressured.
  • Greater self awareness, confidence and presence.
  • Better at listening, connecting and communicating.

Typical engagements – sessions typically last two hours

  • One session (one individual)
  • Three sessions (one individual) to be taken within three months
  • Six sessions (one individual) to be taken within six months
  • One day (up to three individuals)
  • Three days (up to three individuals) to be taken within three months
  • One day ‘Drop in’ centre (multiple individuals)

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