Alignment of interest

In deciding to add this page, I was torn between being open and sharing or being closed, I am pleased I chose the former.

I have only listed some of those colleagues to who I entrust my reputation and I will continue to add more.  You are of course more than welcome to contact them direct, and should you do so I would appreciate your saying where you found out about them.

Because of the way I work, I meet all of my connections face to face such that I understand more about them as a person, alongside of course what they do.  This puts me in a very good position to not only recommend someone who will deliver what is required, but more importantly that they would personally align with the Customer’s values and culture.

Empathy for your Clients, Customers and Patients.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jo Berry.  Jo’s story is that her Father was killed by the IRA during the Brighton bombings.  In 2000, Jo met the person responsible for the bombings, having just been released from prison.  Since then she has become a Peace Embassador and travels the world giving talks on forgiveness, non violent communication, peace and compassion.  See her recent TEDx talk and for Jo herself see and and her charity

Transformational change and strategic development

Courage in the workplace and unlocking HR’s potential – Guy Ellis

Developing your personal brand – Jennifer Holloway

Developing people – Robert Newcome

Understanding clients and markets – David Barker

Delivering programmes and projects

A first class, friendly and inspiring outdoor training centre, near Basingstoke –


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