Is thank you now out of date?

As relationships are at the heart of what I do, I love watching others relate to each other, how they open themselves up, how they are listened to, or not, where their attention is focussed, and so on, but above all where are they making a difference.

Today I observed a real moment of joy, for both the giver and the receiver.  The receiver was collecting for a well known charity, the giver was a willing to give some money.  What the giver added was to thank the person for collecting on behalf of the charity and secondly to say that they were appreciated.

The look on the face of the collector was priceless, I am not sure what else she could have been given that would have given her a bigger smile.

Her response…she looked the giver in the eye, touched her heart with her hand, smiled brightly and said thank you.

When did you last say thank you or that you appreciated someone for what they were doing?

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