Prime Minister’s Questions – a lesson in not listening?

I was not surprised to read this week that a number of MPs have decided that ‘enough is enough’ and not to attend Prime Minister’s Questions because as Commons Speaker John Bercow put it, “the histrionics and cacophony of noise are so damaging as to cause them to look elsewhere”.

I feel it echoes much of what is wrong with so many conversations, either in business or personally, we simply do not listen well enough.  We rarely regard the other as an equal, see them as a fellow human being or believe that what they have to say is important. Furthermore, in not listening, we do not give the other person the time to think and to really open up and share their true worth and value.  If we did we would be astonished at what we would find out.

Imagine if when the Minister speaks everyone in The House gives them their full attention, did not interrupt, and did their best to take in all that person was saying, i.e. listening with their ears, eyes and their heart.  Then maybe the way politics was portrayed would be more interesting to everyone, particularly the younger generation who are not that interested in politics or positively impressed with MPs at all.

How would paying full attention to the person in front of you make a real difference to your relationship?

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