Using our Eyes to Listen

In the middle of a busy Hotel reception area, no less, I was blessed to experience a most natural, nourishing and generative moment today. The rare moment of eye gazing.

The moment of stillness, silence and, well, nothing. Where time stands still, everything slows down and we notice descending from our head to our heart.

In that silence, you hear so much. You feel that the words arising from within are whispering to you.

This is listening deeply to ourselves. That rare time, when everything stops, and we get the change to check-in with ourselves, again.

Neither of you is doing anything, as there is nothing to do. It is in that space, an energetic one created by both of you, where it all happens.

Whilst I appreciate it can be difficult for some people to experience, or for them, to endure, but once you get out of your own way, it feels like you have arrived at a place of bliss and joy.

Many times you can’t help but smile at the other, or even hug each other.

Mostly they have happened sitting down, but the one time we were standing and was culminated in that very human moment of hugging each other. A deep hug that truly connects with the other. One that lasts long enough to take a breath and breathe it out, and again. A fellow human being travelling on their journey. A moment of recognition, a moment of being noticed, being seen.

I have experienced this moment a few times over the years and in different circumstances. Each time feeling similar to the last, a moment to treasure, (a moment that I can easily recall now, along with all the feelings that went with it).

During the most recent one, we both felt called to share a word or phrase that arose within us.   What was noticeable afterwards was how insightful and significant these words turned out to be for each of us.

Typically, these experiences can last anything between two and five minutes.

One time, the moment was so fleeting, yet powerfully engaging, lasting about a second or two. We both locked eyes and instantly connected. We both remember seeing the other and being seen by them.

This is where I guess, the phrase, “Love at first sight”, may come from, although this does not only mean romantic connections.

In each of these experiences, the relationship shifted and deepened, each in a positive way.

Of course, it was never just my eyes that were listening, it was all of my senses.

Who will you see today, or who will see you?

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