Why are we so unreasonable?

Why don’t we care?

“Put things back where you found them.” and “Clean up your own mess.’

All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum

As we learn about life we also learn a lot about ourselves. One of the ‘things’ that hooks me is unreasonable behaviour.

At my local gym, it is seen as OK or reasonable behaviour to take equipment out from its place against the wall, use it in the middle of the mat, and then just leave it there. To take weights from the weight stack and to put them in the wrong place (after all, they are numbered one to ten as a clue as to the order in which they need to be placed).

On the streets, it is seen as OK by some to drop litter or to throw it out of the car window.

In the coffee shop, where I am today, to have your coffee, cake or whatever and when you have finished to simply leave the cups and wrappings there. Walking past the bins on their way out.

To being served by a shop assistant, barista, receptionist, (or anyone who is in service to you), and to not even acknowledge or notice them, no eye contact, no connection, only seeking what you want.

Some may say we don’t have time, we are too busy, I have other things going on, all of which are excuses actually.

The words of Robert, above, highlight two lessons he feels have helped him in the World and made a difference (see the rest here http://www.peace.ca/kindergarten.htm), and I totally agree with him.

We can take the clearing up of our own mess, into far deeper places, and aligns nicely with taking personal responsibility for all that we do.

For example, when connecting with those who serve us, try looking them in the eye when they greet you, ask them how they are today, how is their day going, or appreciating something about them such as a happy face, or in the case of Baristas, the fluid like dance they have with the coffee machine when making our coffee.

Our kindness, little moments of connection, can and will make all the difference.

We rarely have any idea what is going on in another’s life, and even those closest to them are often surprised when they do something completely different.

We are all on our own journey and connecting with another human can make it seem just a little more manageable.

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